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Apparently my family is unique. Not many people have two sets of twins 17 months apart and then plan for more pregnancies that have a high chance of resulting in more twins.

I’ve spend countless hours reading blogs and watching vlogs about large families and families with multiples, looking for tips to streamline our lives. At least as much as one can streamline anything while herding four toddlers. I feel inspired to add my voice to the milieu to commiserate, share, and entertain.

If nothing else, I have to find the humor and sweetness in every day. When I’m exhausted after bedtime and feel like all I did was yell at the kids, I remember R, 29 months old, yelling at L, almost 12 months old, for touching his toy and L yelling back. Plucky little baby!

Or think about bedtime stories when I tried a new seating arrangement. I put both girls in one crib and both boys in another crib. M sat on G’s lap for a while and it was the most adorable thing. G didn’t mind at all and she took her task of caring for her little sister seriously.

Then right before night-nights, R and G insist that I lay down on the floor so they can pile all of their blankets on me like I do for them when they go to bed.

As so many moms of many say, my heart is fuller than my hands.

How do I do it? I remind myself constantly that every day is a new day, every hour is a new hour. It’s never too late for a reset when I lose my patience and that does happen.

I don’t think I’m naturally a patient person. A friend of mine says that he is not naturally a good person. He had to learn how to be good by studying how people interact and decides everyday to do good. Similarly, I study people who are more patient than I am. I look for ways to make my family’s lives easier, happier, and more successful.

I created Bustling Home to share our journey. Please, join the conversation.

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