31 weeks, twinset 3 (babies 5 and 6)

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No signs of premature labor, no complications–just like my other two twin pregnancies. That’s how I like it. How’s my belly? Larger in the mirror than I think it is. I can’t turn any direction to squeeze through spaces and it’s rather annoying. Let’s compare to the last two pregnancies:

I don’t think it’s much different than the second pregnancy. Kind of strange, since babies were head down the first time, sideways the second time, and head down the third time.

Pregnancy side effects: I have the usual heartburn that I manage with ranitidine. This time I had headaches early on, so I’m also taking extra magnesium and B vitamins, specifically riboflavin, to prevent those. As long as I take them all right at bedtime I’m doing well on the headache front. I’ve started feeling some burning along the midline of my belly and pressure in my hips when the babies move. Any movement requires that I brace my belly to make sure it comes along in a timely fashion. My favorite belly belt helps immensely when I am upright, but it squishes babies into lungs and stomach making it hard to breathe and eat after a bit. The kids are disappointed that I can’t pick them up and carry them like I usually do, but it’s only for two or three months. In general, I’m slowing down.

At the growth scan yesterday, the babies measured 3 lb 8 oz and 3 lb 9 oz. My other babies measured larger at this gestational age, but that was also at a different clinic and the estimates of birth weight were always much higher than the actual birth weight. It’ll be interesting to see if the ultrasound measurements are more accurate here.

Both babies are head down. That makes this mama ecstatic! I want to do a VBAC because I hated my very routine and uncomplicated c-section last time. I only had that because little Miss M (bottom baby) had to be sideways. She still has strong opinions at a year and a half old.

The ultrasound images of the babies’ faces are getting less skeletal as they put on more fat. All my babies have been born skinny, so I don’t expect pudgy little cheeks for at least a few weeks after they’re born.

I’m getting excited to meet my newest boys. I don’t remember if I was excited the last two times. We had so many other problems we were dealing with both times that I was distracted from the fact that we had new babies on the way. (Someday I’ll talk about those here.) I’m anxious about going from four to six kids because the four I have can be a handful sometimes, but like everything else Jeff and I do we just carry on and have faith that things will work out somehow. It may be different than we expect and often I have no idea how it will work out, but I have faith that we can manage it.

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  1. Mom

    You do look bigger this time. I’m excited that you are now only 30 minutes from my house rather than 5 hours. 😀


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