In six days, meet babies 5 and 6!

Yesterday we were exactly one week from meeting munchkins 5 and 6. Well, probably. I’m assuming that natural labor is unlikely.

I had my last OB appointment yesterday and I continue to be a boring patient. Babies are healthy and kicking the crap out of me. The next time I see my OB will be in labor and delivery.

While I’m not exactly excited for the labor and delivery part of things, I’ll be so glad to have it done and not be pregnant. I’m tired of not being able to reach the dining table. I want to recover and be able to pick up my other kids again. I want to be able to pull my weight around the house a bit more again–simple things like doing dishes. It makes my back ache to rinse dishes and load the dishwasher, so that’s largely fallen to Jeff as so many other tasks have.

I’d also like to be able to catch Liam without making myself hurt. A freakin’ one year old can almost outrun me! I kind of feel pathetic sometimes and have to remind myself that I am still making two new people. That counts for something.

I’ve never been one of those people who enjoys pregnancy. Some parts are neat, but it’s mostly a means to a goal for me, the struggle I face to bring our children into the world. Based on belly photos, these may be the biggest ones yet! To be fair, the twinset 2 belly photo (black shirt) is from 1 week, 3 days earlier than the twinset 3 photo (green shirt).

Am I ready?

I have almost everything ready and clean for the new babies. What does a mom of two sets of twins shop for when expecting a third set of twins? Surely I must have everything.

Yes, almost. Some stuff disappeared at daycare and our setup will have to be a little different here than at our old house. My big purchases were two simple pack n plays so I can lay down the babies in the play area without the big munchkins having direct access to them. That was always a hazard when Liam and Maggie were smaller.

Pile o' baby seats

I washed all the baby seats and stacked them so the cats don’t appropriate them. Darn cats! The orange and green ones with yellow fabric are my favorite rockers ever!

I replaced a few swaddle blankets and added pack n play sheets for the new pack n plays. I buy jersey sheets because they feel so much softer than regular cotton sheets. I already have waterproof mattress covers because babies leak from everywhere and I can never have too many waterproof covers for things. I replaced our aging changing pad with one designed for a daycare because I’ve basically created a daycare. It only cost $10 more than the one I already had and it matches our bathroom decor!

I bought a grey cozy cover to use instead of the pink one. I do not want to have people assume that I have a boy and girl or two girls all the time. It’s okay every once in a while, but gets annoying with repetition.

The Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rainforest Rocker is by far my favorite baby item ever! I didn’t buy any this time since I already have two, but I recommend it to everyone every chance I get. If you’re expecting a baby or shopping for a baby shower, this could be a great gift! It rocks, it rumbles, it folds, it holds up to 40 pounds, and it has a stiff back so baby’s chin doesn’t get squished into his chest. I use it to feed babies, help babies sleep when they’re congested, hold babies so I can sit on the toilet, and rock babies to sleep. The cover is even machine washable!

No, I haven’t been paid to advertise this rocker. I just really love mine.

Dreams for postpartum

Completely random: last night I dreamed of baking banana bread. I’d be happy with that as a premonition of things to come shortly postpartum. We’re out of homemade banana bread and it’s been awful.

Power rack, waiting for another user

One of Jeff’s and my hobbies is weightlifting, though you might not know it because of my pregnancies and his orthopedic surgeries. We set up a gym in the basement, jujutsu mat and power rack included, to make workouts more feasible.

Anyhow. Back to the fact that I’m increasing my number of children by 50% in a week or less. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, so my mind is wandering to postpartum planning like the logistics of getting out of the house with six kids, getting back to weightlifting and (Japanese) jujutsu, and scoping out freelance opportunities. It’s never too early to dream of gym goals, right?

I think the last two times my goal was to front squat my body weight (around 145-150 pounds), deadlift 185 pounds, and bench/row 40 pounds per hand (or the equivalent one-rep max) before starting another pregnancy. I’m assuming at this point that my strength goals helped me weather three twin pregnancies without complications or injuries. In any case, I’m not going to test the alternative because I feel better and move better when I’m stronger.

My starting point won’t resemble any of that, though. It’ll be things like chin tucks, bird dogs, push ups against a wall, hanging rows, split squats, and unilateral/Romanian deadlifts, possibly with a hand on something to help me stay upright. No weights, just trying to get my body to move the way it is supposed to because it certainly can’t do that right now. Much more to come on the fitness front.

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