About me

I am a mom of soon to be three sets of twins in a little over three years. My husband Jeff and I also have four cats and two puppies. Needless to say, we’re never bored.

We married when I was 28 and he was 52 in 2013. Our first set of twins was born in late summer of 2015, second set in winter of 2017, and our third set is due in fall of 2018. Jeff also has two grown sons, so he is less of a new parent than I am but it’s been a while for him.

Jeff and I constantly work to revise and refine our family routines. I hope all that we learn along the way can help other families with multiples or lots of littles. We also have ideas about how we’d like to do things in the future that I’d love to chat about. I invite you all to follow our journey.